RM Leisure

The Problem

RM Leisure have a number of gaming arcades hosting a broad range of machines which have winning payout mechanisms.  The arcades are manned with minimal staff responsible for maintaining machine cleansing between uses, client administration, money exchange amongst other administration tasks.  The payouts are currently recorded in a Windows Membership app with hosted SQL database, this app was developed by Magna in 2010 and has been modified and upgraded since.  

The specific aspect of recording machine payouts was quite cumbersome, involving the administrator to attend the machine armed with digital camera, taking a photograph of the machine payout display, walking back to the payout booth, connect the camera to USB lead, copy image to hard drive, create a new payment transaction, attach the image and enter the value of the payout.  During this period the client was unable to play the machine.  At busy times this was becoming an annoyance, therefore it was requested that we develop a quicker way of performing this function.

The Solution

It was decided to build an Android app hosted on phone to perform the function of recording payout, taking photograph and uploading whilst populating the membership system all in one dedicated app.

QR codes production within the membership app was added with label print, each machine had QR sticker affixed which identified the unit.

When the cashier is approached to record and make a payout they take the phone to the machine, launch the app and scan the QR code, take a photo of the winning readout, enter cash value and click complete.  This automatically uploads the image to a remote secure server and populates the reading transaction along with linked picture in the membership app.  The process only requires a single visit to the machine and is completed within 15 seconds, freeing up administration time and minimizing customer disruption.

About Project

  • Client: RM Leisure
  • Industry: Leisure and Gaming
  • Title of Project: Payout logging & validation app

Technology Used

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