Patterson Oil

The Problem

A generic mobile app had been in operation for a number of years, the order data was synchronised from a local heating oil CRM and Sales Windows application using on premise MS SQL database.

The portal and associated generic mobile app was proving to be more cumbersome as sales increased, this was becoming more of an issue restricting number of achievable deliveries per day.

The Solution

Dedicated order portal and related mobile app designed with close input from the client. All previous shortfalls resolved and “wish list” features, unachievable in the previous platform, were implemented.

The app was driver perspective focused and trialled continuously during the development process to resolve all identified prior grievances.

The site user interface designed using ReactJS with Backend NodeJS API functions. App was developed in Kotlin, MSSQL/Windows data synchronisation developed in Delphi.

The client has reported that efficiency has increased on average by two additional deliveries per day, per driver.

About Project

  • Client: Patterson Oil
  • Industry: Domestic and Commercial Heating Oil Sales
  • Title of Project: Oil delivery administration portal and associated driver app

Technology Used

What Our Clients Say About Us

How Magna dealt with the Project
Magna had a straightforward and friendly approach to our project. Their straight talking and problem solving gave us the confidence to invest both time and money in our project. Any issues we had were met head on and a solution readily offered. The Magna team were careful to not over promise and by the end of our project to our delight they had over delivered in the solution which they provided.

Reason for it
As a family business you end up wearing a lot of hats! What I found was that I was becoming the limiting factor in my business because of the processes we had in place. It took a lot of long hours to organise delivery dockets for our drivers, I had to organise these delivery dockets in sequence per driver, then manually text our customers to ensure access to their tanks. If a late order came on for the next day, it would be seen as a problem and not as an opportunity.

Using the fast forward fuels job management portal and remote driver app has freed up a lot of time which we can use to focus on other areas of our business, whilst bettering our high delivery standards. The main benefits we have enjoyed include; easier streamlined processes for our drivers and admin staff, big saving on paper costs (pre-printed dockets no longer required as they are produced when required on mobile thermal printers direct from the app), PDF auto generated proof of delivery notes, real time delivery schedule updates by our drivers which allows us to give accurate times on future deliveries without having to contact the driver. All these improvements have greatly benefited our company and helped us become a more professional organisation.


Ross Patterson

(Director, GP Marketing Ltd.))

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