Medicon Ireland Ltd

The Problem

Medicon moved all warehousing and inventory control to a hosted solutions provider Unleashed. They had outgrown the provision that Sage 200 Accounts provided and wanted a more dynamic and remotely accessible solution. The objective was to phase Sage 200 out before annual licence renewal, post data migration to the Unleashed platform.

Their main supplier in Germany require weekly reports on inventory movement provided in a specific CSV format, which Sage did supply with a little manual manipulation. Unfortunately, Unleased could not provide this exact report as 2 pieces of required data was unobtainable from the reporting mechanism within their reporting area.

Therefore Sage had to be used to export these missing parts of the jigsaw and joined with the Unleashed Export file. Medicon approached us to see if we could extract this additional information in some way possibly through the Unleashed API to produce the complete report, thus removing the need for Sage 200 access requirements. Sage 200 licence renewal deadline presented a very short development window of four weeks.

The Solution

We developed an external portal that allowed them to specify the required filter parameters through simple dropdown selections, (date range, currency, warehouse location, invoice number range…). We then developed numerous micro services which seamlessly linked to and interrogated the multitude of Unleased API’s, building a local database results table which was then used to generate the required Export CSV file, creating a local copy of the file through our own portal microservice API’s.

The custom SSL certified portal is accessible by any authorised user via their own login credentials and can be used remotely on any browser platform and device. What was taking the good part of a working day to produce using various spreadsheets and data manipulation to form the final report CSV file, is now generated automatically upon parameter submission from the dedicated portal in less than 30 seconds.

About Project

  • Client: Medicon Ireland Ltd
  • Industry: Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Wholesale
  • Title of Project: Unleashed Inventory Management portal, external API connector and customised reporting

Technology Used

What Our Clients Say About Us

After making the move away from Sage 200 Accounting Software, we needed a solution to provide our main supplier with bespoke reports that would synchronise and upload to his Sage 200 package. Our new Inventory Management system gave us lots of reports but could not issue the exact data we needed, in the exact format.

Magna produced a ‘user friendly’, simple portal that allowed us to pull the exact report we needed. This enabled us to move on with our new software but keep our main supplier happy as he did not have to adjust his system to accommodate it. Magna were very efficient and kept everything as simple and straightforward as possible for us ‘non-techies’, they also got the reporting completed within a strict deadline, which was great.


Anne Marie Gordon

(Operations Manager, Medicon Ireland Ltd.)

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