Mainstay DRP

The Problem

Mainstay maintained monthly and quarterly billing and invoice administration for tenants in quite complex spreadsheets which not only required a good understanding of spreadsheet concepts, but was also quite labour intensive and lead to increased risk of input mistakes due to replication and transfer of information between systems and platforms.

The end invoicing was controlled by Sage, which also required summary data to be input manually.  A lot of variable data needed to be applied, payments on account received, vehicle depreciation, split utility bills per tenant per property/vehicle, shared vehicle mileage split by driver amongst a lot of other allowances.

Mainstay approached Magna to see if we could provide a more efficient and multiuser solution, eliminating data replication and manual calculation in an effort to improve efficiency and data recall speed.   

The Solution

Due to internal Sage connectivity requirements a Windows based multiuser application was developed using direct connection to Sage through SDO. All client and services data was automatically extracted from Sage and populated in a securely hosted Azure MS Sql server.

All payment on account data was extracted at billing stage with related application business logic applied to calculate shared billing based on each client percentage contribution, including movement between premises, use of multiple vehicles, individual mileage and any other external variable data/allowances. All user activity is tracked and concurrent usage supported.

The invoicing function generates all associated individual monthly billing invoices within 30 seconds and flags all related bills as invoiced with Sage invoice number, date/time generated and by whom. Sage invoice records the source billing Id for cross referencing.

About Project

  • Client: Mainstay DRP 
  • Industry: Residential care activities for learning difficulties, mental health and substance abuse treatment.
  • Title of Project: Tenant Billing & Invoicing Administration (Utility & Vehicle costs)  

Technology Used

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have been working with Magna Software to develop a product which not only made our client invoicing process more efficient but also enabled us to track our client debt more effectively.

Due to the way we calculate invoices for our clients, off the shelf packages did not work and we were using Excel for this purpose. However, this system was prone to human error and very labour intensive

Phil, from Magna Software listened to our needs and developed a bespoke system for us. There were several issues along the way as we worked through the invoicing process for the first few times. Phil was able to address quickly and did so in a professional and proactive manner.

We now have a product which is saving us valuable time but more importantly is accurate, reliable and by linking in with Sage 50 enables us to track our debts.

For other providers who may have issues with their invoicing process and off the shelf accounting packages cannot help, I would recommend you contact Phil at Magna Software.


Sharon O’Hare

(Head of Finance & Business Resources, Mainstay DRP)

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