Joseph Walls Ltd

The Problem

Due to increased volumes of animal feed being mixed for stock and orders, it was becoming more cumbersome to control the flow of data from order input, ingredient collection and mixing traceability back to individual ingredient origin and batch numbers.

It is paramount for each animal feed recipe batch mixed to provide full traceability back to supplier (batch number), date picked, mixed and staff involved in collection and mixing of ingredients with associated weights, date and time.

A prior mixing application designed by us was already in place which provided client, ingredient, orders and recipe management. This was recorded on a cloud based MS SQL server with local Windows management application. 

The Solution

Dedicated Android feed mix app designed for Android rugged tablet, user interface catered for poor light and harsh environment. The app synchronises with hosted database and downloads new orders with list of recipes and associated ingredients in optimised picking order relating to the ingredient bays on site.

The pickers can also input stock orders Ah hoc and individual client high priority orders can be assigned via PUSH notification when required. Individual ingredient information can be quickly input with weight, date time stamp, batch Id’s populated and recorded. This is sent back to hosted database upon completion with any associated photographs or picker notes. 

Traceability reports were designed and implemented in the Windows software to export all data down to individual ingredient level by batch number / order number / client / date range / recipe description amongst other dynamic criteria defined. 

About Project

  • Client: Joseph Walls Ltd
  • Industry: Agricultural and Animal Feed Suppliers
  • Title of Project: Animal feed mix order management, ingredient stock control and traceability app

Technology Used

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