Application Development

Purpose-built digital solutions that drive enterprise-wide growth and productivity

The unique character of your business is what gives it a competitive edge. Custom-developed applications help you take that edge further.

By continually adapting to technological advances and modern trends, Magna Software always remain at the forefront of application development. Our experienced and certified development teams use leading-edge methodologies to design, develop, implement and continually enhance innovative business solutions for all major platforms and devices.

Our cloud, desktop and mobile applications offer the best balance of performance, usability, cost-efficiency, resiliency and maintainability to help you increase business ROI.

  • > Web and desktop enterprise applications

    Local and international clients across all major industries have digitised and enhanced their internal and customer-facing operations using web applications created by Magna Software.

    We use a wide range of proprietary and open-source modern technologies and frameworks to produce powerful and user-friendly applications that users can access from any modern web browser.

    Magna Software also provides native and cross-platform desktop application development services for all major operating systems with excellent performance and a rich user experience.

  • > Native and cross-platform mobile apps

    An intuitive, mobile-first experience is a powerful way to differentiate your brand and grow a loyal customer base. Magna Software offer a complete set of mobile app development services using native and cross-platform frameworks. We create outstanding mobile experiences on Android and iOS using scalable cloud backend solutions. We continuously innovate and release app updates on a regular cadence to ensure that your mobile apps remain indispensable for your customers and team members.

  • > Application modernisation

    Legacy software requires difficult-to-find and highly paid experts to maintain them to continue working with newer hardware and business applications. Magna Software help you adapt and enhance your legacy business software using various application modernisation techniques. Modernised applications cost less to maintain, offer enhanced functionality and customer experience and support higher workloads to improve business growth and ROI.

  • > Modernisation Assessment

    We determine the most appropriate strategy for modernising your applications and propose a detailed roadmap

  • > Lift-and-Shift (IaaS)

    Quickly and cost-efficiently migrate your legacy applications’ resources as-is from on-premise infrastructure to your cloud platform of choice

  • > Cloud-Native Modernisation (PaaS)

    Adapt your legacy apps to modern cloud architecture with lightweight Docker containers and microservices architecture to minimise infrastructure spend and enhance agility

  • > Application Migration

    Improve the efficiency, agility and user experience of on-premise legacy applications by migrating them to modern technology and open-source frameworks

  • > Managed Services

    To support your growing business needs, choose Magna Software to monitor, maintain and enhance your applications and infrastructure. Our managed support team identifies bottlenecks to keep your applications running at peak performance and proactively recommend ways to automate business functions and deliver maximum value.

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