The Magna Software Story

Magna Software was formed organically from collaborative software development projects and research based on new and emerging technologies since mid 2019.

We are a highly motivated group of experienced professional developers with decades of combined knowledge in legacy and modern frameworks, covering a wide range of business sectors. This has enabled us to develop an extensive library of Cloud based API components on microservices framework with corresponding portals and remote apps.

Cloud based legacy migration has increased in demand over the Covid period with business’s requiring remote working environments. We have helped a wide range of companies achieve this during and after that challenging time.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in Python, ReactJS, NodeJS, Java, Golang, Redis, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes and ELk technologies, legacy Win32/64 dev .Net, VB, Delphi, C/C++ to list a few…. But don’t just take our word for it, click here to see what our customers say!

A number of individuals in our team are experienced Blockchain developers and have been focusing on integrating this technology into existing and future projects.
We would love to hear from you to chat about cloud based systems, or to discuss the benefits of upgrading existing cloud infrastructures to newer more secure and powerful cloud environments.

We’re not about “reinventing the wheel”… just improving it!!

Meet the team

Philip Whiteside

Philip loves a strong coffee and a challenging brief!

Philip Whiteside


Phil has worked as a software developer within the tech industry since leaving Queens University Belfast in 1995, designing and implementing solutions for a wide range of business and leisure sectors on multiple platforms.


Since moving to N Ireland he has developed a love of Shortbread!

Ebad Ali

Principal Software Engineer

Ebad started as a professional Software Engineer in 2015 and has gained experience in several industries that include Blockchain, Fintech. He has been developing applications using RESTful and Microservice architecture and as a result is also gaining skills and experience in DevOps technologies.


In his leisure time, Mike likes to watch cricket & Formula 1

Mike Ashley Cedric

Application Architect

Mike has been working as a software developer since 2016 and has experience building & delivering scalable software systems. His main skills include MERN full stack development.


Kickstarter Alumni: The Five Things Book (2016)!

Paul McNally


Paul is a brand designer and a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers with extensive experience delivering brand communication, identity design, and graphic design. He has worked for a diverse client base ranging from Premier League footballers to airlines, and from hospitality companies to the tech industry.


He Loves playing badminton and likes to watch movies!

Muhammad Hassan


Hassan has been working as an experienced Frontend engineer since 2016 and has a passion for crafting aesthetically beautiful interfaces.

Karanbir Singh

He loves spending time with his beautiful daughters Asreet and Sacreet!

Karanbir Singh

Principal WordPress Developer

Karanbir is a specialist WordPress developer with over 12 years experience. He has been developing and maintaining WordPress websites worldwide, specialising in extensive customisation. He loves the logic and structure of coding and always strives to write “clean code”. Karanbir loves to travel worldwide, meeting people of different communities to gain new inspirations.

Sikandar Iqbal

He has a passion for cars and travelling!

Sikandar Iqbal

DevOps Lead

Sikandar has been working as a professional DevOps specialist since 2015 specialising in developing CI/CD pipelines, maintaining and managing cloud based production systems ensuring availability, performance, scalability and security.


He likes watching rugby and attends all Ulster Rugby home games!

Stephen Petrie


Stephen has 40 year’s experience in accountancy and bookkeeping, specialising in cloud accounting, primarily XERO Hosted Accounting Software. He has attained “XERO Silver Partner” status along with “XERO Tax Certification” accreditation.


He is fond of nature and travel!

Shahrukh Khaleeq

Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer with more than 6 Years of experiencee and a contributor of Rest assured API migration & app modernisation automation framework for enterprise application in Java Stack, integrated with DevOps pipeline.